Unearth Your Brand’s Potential

Every diamond was once a simple piece of carbon. Intense pressure transformed it into something rare and valuable.

Like plain carbon, most brands are common and easily overlooked. They blend into a sea of similarity.

At Polished Carbon, we take your ordinary personal or company brand and craft it into an extraordinary asset that radiates value.

For Leaders Daring to Stand Out

You’ve achieved success in business. Now let’s turn your personal or company brand into a 24/7 revenue generator on social media.

In today’s digital world, your online presence isn’t just about looking good. It’s about driving real growth.

But crafting a brand that consistently generates business for you takes time and expertise.

At Polished Carbon, we don’t just make you shine. We transform your brand into a valuable asset that works for you non-stop.

We understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there ourselves:

  • Struggling to stand out in a crowded digital space
  • Failing to generate qualified leads from social media
  • Missing out on the opportunity to turn your posts into a predictable revenue stream

We solved these problems for ourselves. We went from unknown online to 1,000,000+ followers in less than a year. And we created thriving businesses (plural) in the process.

Let our world-class team cut through the noise to make your brand a powerful revenue-generating machine. Here’s how we can help:

Accelerate Your Path to Shining Success

Ready to leave mediocrity behind and let your true brilliance take the spotlight? We move brands forward by years in mere months.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve produced the results for our clients that back it up. Build the authority and social proof that attracts new business wins for you 24/7.

Join our client waitlist, and as soon as a spot opens up, we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.


We don't just meet expectations. We exceed them.

Our work has been showcased by some of the world's most respected and fastest-growing brands.

But our real gem? Guiding you to your own success story.

Justin is a pleasure to work with and is one of the smartest creators on LinkedIn. He helped me convert my text posts into beautiful infographics. Among many high performers was an infographic post that got 4.5 million impressions, 21,000 likes, and generated over 5,000 newsletter sign ups. Justin has incredible attention to detail and his communication is world-class. I highly recommend working with Justin if he is available.

Ben Meer Founder, System Sunday

Justin came out of nowhere and his growth was outrageous. I genuinely believe he creates some of the most unique and relatable content online. I worked with Justin to really transform my content and it was an incredible decision.

Chris Donnelly Global Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

Justin’s strategic approach to LinkedIn growth is nothing short of remarkable. In just three months, my follower base exploded from 4,000 to nearly 40,000, all thanks to his innovative content strategies and masterful use of infographics. His ability to distill complex concepts into engaging, shareable content has not only expanded my reach but also solidified my thought leadership on the platform. Justin’s insights have been pivotal to my success, and I am deeply grateful for the impact he’s had on my professional growth.

Alan (AJ) Silber Multiple 7-Figure Exit in 4 Years

Justin absolutely burst onto the social media scene. I can’t think of another creator who made such an impact in such a short time. Strong writing, impressive design, trend-setting content, Justin had it all. I consider myself lucky to call him a collaborator and a friend. He’s taught me so much about crafting impactful content, and you couldn’t pick a better person to learn from.

Colby Kultgen Founder, 1% Better

Justin has an eye for detail and what works on LinkedIn, which is very helpful for growth, but the most important part of his support is that he explains how these concepts apply to your brand specifically. He takes time to understand your target and helps you meet it. His kindness, dependability, and direct feedback are truly invaluable and one-of-a-kind!

Jessica Luna Founder & CEO

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be coached by Justin (and not just once!) He is such a joy to work with and I’ve never been happier paying someone. When I hit 7k followers a few months ago, he congratulated me and told me 70K is coming. I remember thinking then - that day will never come. Guess what? I’m there! Work with Justin and his team, you will not regret it. I promise.

Howie Chan Brand Consultant & Podcast Host

Justin’s impact on my LinkedIn journey has been monumental. When I started working with him, I had 3.6k followers and he helped me grow to 60k in ~45 days! His knack for helping me tell better stories and better captivating visuals has transformed my online presence. Thanks to his guidance, I’m seeing more opportunities than ever.

Will McTighe CEO & Founder

Justin has been an exceptional coach for me. He has provided me with peace of mind, knowing that I have someone to turn to whenever I'm unsure about a task or simply seeking a second opinion. His encouragement is unwavering, and his reliability is unparalleled. With profound expertise in LinkedIn, design, and copywriting, Justin effortlessly guides and empowers. He exemplifies ease of collaboration and leads by the finest example. Without a doubt, Justin has been a true blessing in my professional journey. Thank you immensely, Justin. Your support is deeply cherished, and my gratitude. extends far and wide.

Véronique Barrot Founder, Director & Coach

Justin provided invaluable growth support, sharing proactive advice how to improve the content and which strategies to follow. His tips and feedback were extremely useful throughout my growth journey.

Igor Buinevici Senior M&A Executive

I want to express my gratitude for the guidance and mentorship you've provided in my content creation journey on LinkedIn. In just 21 days, I saw my community grow by 27% and engagement surged by 1,265%. These results far exceeded my expectations.

Srishti Sardana Director, Marketing & Brand Strategy

Justin's impact was immense. In less than one week, I had my concepts finessed into infographic designs I didn’t think possible. My follower growth doubled over the next two months, and my impression count did the whole of my previous 365 days in less than the next 90. Justin’s advice on digital writing has really set me up to capitalize on these gains.

Harvey Lee Marketing Consultant & Best Selling Author

When I think of Justin, I think of a brilliant wordsmith. He is just someone who knows how to communicate in the English language. I met him back in May of 2023 and watched him quickly rise to the top as one of the leading creators in the world on LinkedIn. His cheat sheets and single framed posts are stuff of legends which explains why so many people flock to his profile at breakneck speeds and hit the “Follow” button.

Kevin Box Director of MPS, LinkedIn Top Voice

I have been working with Justin for several months and have growth exponentially on LinkedIn. He has helped me improve my content as well as solidify my brand voice. Highly recommend. Thank you Justin. I appreciate it.

Harry Karydes Certified High-Performance Coach

Working with Justin has been a game-changer for my professional growth on LinkedIn. His expertise in helping me craft compelling narratives and eye-catching infographics has not only sharpened my skills but also significantly enhanced my online presence. Thanks to his guidance, I’ve seen a remarkable increase in engagement and opportunities. Highly recommend Justin for anyone looking to elevate their LinkedIn game!

Roger Mark Thompson Management Effectiveness Coach

I want to say thanks! Your post service has helped me do what I'm doing now, which is backpacking for 2.5 months. And still achieving crazy growth while away!

Confidential Top Influencer

After struggling for months to gain traction on LinkedIn, I finally decided it was time to invest in post creation services. Justin captured my voice and style perfectly. The second post he created for me went viral. Within a month, I had grown my followers by 2x. Then another 2x the next month. If you're on the fence, this is your sign to just do it.

Confidential Executive Coach

I don't think there's anyone else in the world I would trust to write posts in my name. I get excited when I read the posts you send me. Not just because they're fantastic, but also because they sound just like I would have written them.

Confidential LinkedIn Top Voice

The time it would take me to learn everything you know about the algorithm and posting is much better spent running my business. You take care of my social media. I take care of my employees and customers. The investment has already paid off with more revenue coming in than I have paid out.

Confidential Founder

Polished Carbon

Our Process

Transforming your brand’s potential into a brilliant, lead-generating asset is a multi-faceted process. This is how we uncover, cut, and elevate your hidden gem.

  • Discovery

    We start by immersing ourselves in your world through deep consultation. During a detailed strategy session, we'll uncover your goals, dissect your competition, and map your audience's desires.

    Our research phase analyzes your current digital footprint and identifies opportunities to amplify your impact. We'll reverse engineer your aspirations to devise a game plan for success.

  • Customization

    Understanding your vision is just the first step. Now we chisel that insight into a razor-sharp brand strategy tailored exclusively for you.

    This vivid roadmap guides every aspect of your presence, from brand identity to content themes.

    Our creative team will mold on-brand posts that radiate your unique expertise and resonate with your target audience.

    This is where we meticulously develop assets like: • Thought leadership content • High-coverting profiles • Websites and newsletters

  • Refinement

    Brilliance requires meticulous polish and continual refinement. We relentlessly analyze your performance data, optimizing your content and growth tactics for maximum traction.

    As the algorithms shift, so do our approaches through responsive campaign refinements. Your digital presence stays agile, adapting to cutting-edge strategies that steer your momentum ever upward.

  • Results

    This entire journey leads to one shining destination: tangible business growth.

    Our partnership helps establish you as the premier voice in your niche.

    But it's not just about audience growth. You'll know we're successful when new client inquiries flood your inbox from that ever-expanding audience.

    We want your influence to skyrocket as industry powers vie to collaborate. And lucrative opportunities multiply, making every investment worthwhile.